VW “Clean Diesel” Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation

FILES - A Volkswagen employee picks up aOn May 24th, 2016 a proceeding was held at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, CA regarding the Volkswagen (VW) “Clean Diesel” marketing, sales, practices and products liability litigation.  The court was led by Honorable Judge Charles R. Breyer and Case MDL 15-2672 was attended by multiple plaintiffs, their council and then defendants for Volkswagen, Porsche Cars North America and Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch LLP.

The last status conference on April 21st disclosed an agreement with both parties on what to do with the more than 480,000 2-liter-engine cars still operable on the road, resulting in emissions that exceed California’s environmental regulations.

Judge Breyer announced that he was pleased that the “Settlement Master and the parties – Volkswagen, the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, the Department of Justice on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, in conjunction with the California Attorney; General’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission have reported that in the month since we last met, they have made substantial progress in their intensive daily efforts to finalize the agreements, and, most importantly, are on track to meet the Court’s deadline.”

The Court will make the settlement papers publically available on the Court’s website once they are filed. At that point, the general public will easily be able to go online and find information about the proposed settlements, including specific settlement proposals for each class member.

Prior to the Court approving the proposed settlements, the car owners (class members) will be mailed their rights and options under the settlement, giving the public the ability to voice any comments on the proposed consent decree.

Three main objectives are hoped to be accomplished through these settlements:

  1. Address noncompliant 2-liter-engine cars currently driven on the road. VW will buy back or terminate the lease for each vehicle at no cost to the car owner. With Government approval, the car owner could also choose to have VW modify the vehicle to reduce the emissions in accordance with EPA and CARB requirements.
  2. In addition to the buy-back or modification option, the settlement will pay a substantial monetary compensation to the proposed class of 2-liter-engine owners and lessees.
  3. VW will have to pay money into a fund that supports environmental remediation. VW will also be required to pay additional funds to promote green automotive technology.

Judge Breyer closed by saying, “the Court is grateful for the enormous effort of all parties, including the governmental agencies – their efforts to obtain a global resolution of the issues raised by these cases. I have been advised by the Settlement Master that all of you have devoted substantial efforts, weekends, nights, and days and perhaps at sacrifice to your family. I think you have borne fruit. We will see that on June 21st.”

If you are a victim of the VW “Clean Diesel” case, you should contact a Volkswagen Class Action Attorney for a free case review to help you receive your rightful compensation.

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