Things to do in Grant County

While in Grant County we are often asked “what can we do?”. So we have decided to create a small list of activities that the entire family can do.

Watch a live music event at The Gorge Amphitheater
The Gorge Amphitheater located in grant county is a music venue like no other. It’s a twenty thousand seat music venue that offers a vast overview of the Columbia River. Lawn terrace seating at the gorge amphitheater allows families to relax on the grass and do a picnic while listening to great music and having a great view of the columbia river.

Have a splash of fun at the outdoor water park Surf ‘n Slide Water Park
The kids will love the Surf ‘n Slide Water Park during the summer. It features two two-hundred ft water slides, a three hundred foot lazy river for those who would rather coast along and even sand volleyball courts for a nice family game of volleyball. There are full time American Cross Lifeguards at the waterpark to keep everyone safe and having a good time. Last but not least there is a picnic area for families to grab a bite to eat in between all the fun things at the park.