Ohio Valley man sues makers of testosterone therapy treatment

courthouseOn February 26th, 2014, Joseph Myers of Ohio Valley, VA filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Testim, a low testosterone drug, claiming that the manufacturers misled consumers in believing that taking the drug would be a safe way to treat hypogonadism, a condition associated with low testosterone. He also claims that he had a stroke as a result of taking Testim.

The lawsuit comes only a few weeks after a number of similar lawsuits were sued against AbbVie Inc., and Abbott Laboratories Inc., the manufacturers of Androgel, which is another drug designed to treat low testosterone levels.

What are low testosterone drugs?

Testosterone is a hormone found only males as it is produced primarily by the testicles. It plays a vital role in bone density, sex drive, red blood cell production, sperm count, muscle strength and volume and body fat distribution.

Low testosterone levels can only be established after submitting for a blood test. If you are diagnosed with hypogonadism, a condition where the body produces insufficient testosterone, you may be prescribed a testosterone therapy treatment. This treatment can come in either topical gel form, patch, injection or pellet that is taken with food.

Testim is a low testosterone drug that comes in gel form, in tubes of either 50mg or 100mg. Patients are instructed to apply the gel on their shoulders or upper arms. One application of Testim will increase a patient’s testosterone levels for 24 hours.

Known risks and the FDA

A number of studies have prompted the FDA to investigate low testosterone drugs further. In a January announcement, the federal agency said that it would look further into reports of increased heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular incidents that were claimed to have resulted after taking such drugs. What prompted the FDA to make this announcement was the publishing of two major studies related to testosterone therapy and its side effects. One of the studies has shown that men over the age of 65 had a two-fold increase in the risk for suffering a heart attack. Younger men who had a history of heart disease were not spared either, being susceptible to a three fold increase in risk of cardiovascular complications after beginning low testosterone therapy.

Lawsuits filed against drug manufacturers

A number of low testosterone lawsuits have already been filed in Federal Court in Chicago in 2014. These are individually filed Mass Tort lawsuits and do not constitute a Class Action lawsuit. However, the possibility of a multi-district litigation (MDL) to be created is entirely possible, since many of the plaintiffs are suing the same manufacturer (AbbVie). If you’ve suffered side effects as a result of taking similar drugs and are thinking of suing visit http://lowtestosteronelawsuit.net/ to see what your legal options are.

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