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VW Admits to Cheating Software Installed in 2016 Vehicles

The emissions-rigging scandal continues to unfold as Volkswagen of America has now admitted that hundreds of thousands of new cars from its 2016 range could contain illegal software to help them cheat pollution tests. Some 430,000 of these vehicles have “implausible” CO2 ratings, VW revealed today. VW is already facing a recall of up to 11 million cars worldwide after regulators in the U.S. found that Read More →

Medford Medical Dispensary Sues City Over Pot Sale Ban

A medical marijuana dispensary has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the city of Medford’s permanent ban of pot sales. Richard and Marlene Nuckols, owners of MaryJane’s Basement and Attic, were shut down in May 2014 by Circuit Judge Timothy Gerking on the grounds that state laws did not trump the federal Controlled Substances Act. Gerking later allowed the Nuckols to reopen the attic portion Read More →

“Low T” Drugs Take Massive Hit From FDA With New Warnings

Three days ago, drugmakers such as AbbVie and Actavis were probably shedding some tears over the FDA sounding the siren on testosterone drugs. With all of the attention the past year with multiple low testosterone lawsuits (620 and counting) being filed by men who have been injured by medications like AndroGel and AndroDerm, it isn’t much of a surprise that the red flag is waving. Read More →

The Facts: Class Action Lawsuits

What is a class action lawsuit? A class action lawsuit is one in which there are a large number of plaintiffs bringing similar claims. These lawsuits are also called representative actions or collective lawsuits. Typically, there are only a handful of named plaintiffs, but those plaintiffs are representative of a larger group. Individuals who sign onto class action suits typically relinquish their rights to independently Read More →

Part-time jobs with a 401k in 2015

As more and more young people are graduating college and joining the ranks of the service sector, the need for employers to offer 401k retirement plans has been as strong as ever. 2015 will see a number of innovative corporations offer great benefits for those that hold part-time jobs. Is the 401k still relevant? If this is your first time on the job market, you Read More →

Ohio Valley man sues makers of testosterone therapy treatment

On February 26th, 2014, Joseph Myers of Ohio Valley, VA filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Testim, a low testosterone drug, claiming that the manufacturers misled consumers in believing that taking the drug would be a safe way to treat hypogonadism, a condition associated with low testosterone. He also claims that he had a stroke as a result of taking Testim. The lawsuit comes Read More →

Got any news-worthy info?

We’d like to hear from you! Send in any and all insider info, facts or anything that you consider news-worthy and we will feature you on our blog and upcoming podcast. Even if you’re just a regular reader, we’d still like to hear your opinion. News is created every day by our environments, our activities and our interactions with each other. Have you been promoted at Read More →

Tips to get ready for this planting season come September

The summer gardening season is almost over in Northern Washington so it would be a good idea to begin planting cool weather vegetables and flowers that thrive in lower temperatures. Summer vegetable plants have run their course so it’s a good idea to cull those plants that are no longer producing and replace them with plants that like cooler weather. Among them you can find peas, Read More →

Responsible Pier Initiative to help rescue sea turtle

Fishing piers from all over the nation have joined the Responsible Pier Initiative which is aimed at saving marine critters that anglers hook on their lines. This young green sea turtle, named Rory has successfully been delivered to sea and now it is making its way back to the Gulf of Mexico. The critter was released at the National Seashore’s Fort Rockfort area Tuesday. The green sea turtle Read More →